Easily launch an affiliate site with Collective

Ecommerce-like Blogger theme

Listing products on multiple channels helps you reach new audiences and increase sales.

We’re excited to announce our latest Blogger theme, Collective. Collective Blogger theme features an e-commerce like grid-based layout. It helps you to build an affiliate site or showcasing your products sold at Etsy.

E-commerce is moving really fast, but unfortunately there are not many themes out there which are capable of supporting sales. We have created Demi Blogger theme before which helps you to blog and do sales at the same time. Collective has the same function as Demi that is to act as a media showcase for you to display your merchandises, either through Etsy or even Amazon. The difference is that Collective is built up for the sole purpose of; “product-focused”.

The interesting thing is, besides acting as a media to display products; you can also build an affiliation business through this Blogger theme. This can be done just by uploading one product image, adding the description and the link (don’t forget to put the referral) which directs user to your product page at Amazon. It’s very easy and effortless.

Here are some of the features that we’re most excited about:


You don't need slider! They’re bad for SEO, bad for site speed, and bad for customer engagement. There is a simpler alternative: Homepage hero image or Cover. Cover benefits seller by capturing the attention of the visitors and focused it on one singular idea, promotion or action.

Cover is also an attractive way for you to “spice up” your store by presenting different campaign or limited time offering whenever you wish.

Simple intuitive search

Furthermore, if you are a store with huge inventory, “search” feature with simple navigation to each product category will help visitors to easily explore every product. Nothing would be missed.

Minimalist design

Besides preventing your site from becoming outdated, the minimalist design will encourage customer to focus on the product and on the “action”. Its grid design is adopting the e-commerce look with added link to “all products” page.

From home to archive, each page is utilizing the same style to keep the harmony.

Popular Products section

This is quite a simple tactic, but adding popular products can increase users experience. This feature assures the customers that they are seeing the products which other people want as well; hence the intention to buy would be stimulated.

Quickly “See Product”

Online buyers are known to be “impatient”. If they have to click on every thumbnail just to know the details of product, they might be cancelling their purchase. Collective intends to reduce several clicks by attaching “direct link” below each thumbnail. Therefore, every visitor that clicked “See Product >” wherever on the grid, would be immediately directed to the product detail page on Amazon.

Responsive layout

Responsive is not all about minimizing the website view to be compatible with the smartphone screen, but also about deciding which feature is needed by the mobile users to realize a smooth and fun browsing activity. That is the reason why Collective is perfectly made, from desktop down to mobiles. Aside from the Retina display support, the light and handy structure will make certain that you won’t lose any prospective buyers, no matter what device they use.

We can’t wait to see how Collective is applied into your blog. If you are interested, you can check the theme or read more details through the following link.